Dear Families,

As we are closing out the school year I am eager to reflect on the amazing time we’ve all had at Big Blue this year. While our Kindergarteners came to us in August as little tots we are impressed with their growth in that they are taller, stronger and missing more than a few teeth. They learned to be cooperative and kind and found their place among the team at our school.

Our fifth graders are battling mixed emotions in our final weeks having to say goodbye and break up with the school community and people who set their educational foundation. They are eager to move on, yet filled with uncertainty regarding what middle school has to offer and knowing that they will be separated from teachers and friends they’ve come to depend on over the past several years. We wish our big kids the very best as they move on and hope that they remain in touch in the coming years.

We have all worked very hard this year through the growing pains that come with this work and we have been able to support one another through our difficult times. Alternatively, our celebrations have been bountiful starting with our Fall Festival, S.T.E.A.M. Nights, Book Fairs, School wide Art Projects, The Rainbow Runathon and so much more. Our students have made leaps and bounds with their reading and comprehension and with their ability to persevere through multi-faceted math and logic problems. Our parent and community grows stronger each year and works hard to support the good work of our school. Daily we see volunteers supporting in our classrooms, on the play yard and on field trips, in the cafeteria and also in the district board room and even city hall when a coordinated community voice is needed on behalf of our students and teachers.

As happens each year there will be personnel changes over the summer. Two of our beloved teachers will be taking the year off to experience a sabbatical. We hope that the amazing Kacey Nakashima (Kindergarten) and Kim Long (5th grade) have a wonderful year to renew their spirit and soul and perhaps travel and/or learn something new.

Award winning veteran, Charyl Redding (literacy specialist/first grade teacher) is moving on to a new career in business as a partner in Monarch Crossfit. Newlywed, Amy Buffington (Education Specialist) will start a new life with her honey. We will greatly miss these folks and wish them the best in the coming year and beyond.

In closing, Glen Park School was a thriving learning community this year and I am beyond happy with our work. I look forward to a summer of study at Columbia’s Teacher College with some of our teachers and then a family respite in Maine. I look forward to seeing all of you in August.

Jean Robertson, Principal