Dear Families,

I'm writing today to inform you that soon after the new year I will be no longer be serving the Glen Park School community as Principal. Last evening the SFUSD Board of Education approved my appointment as the new Chief of Special Education Services for all of SFUSD. Since June I have been nudged and encouraged to pursue the vacant role of Chief of Special Education Services. I avoided doing so as I’ve been completely fulfilled in our work together at Big Blue. After much thought and careful consideration of my passions and commitment to serving public schools, I explored the opportunity, and eventually decided to interview. To my amazement, I was chosen for the position.

While I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done together at BIG BLUE over the past five and a half years I am most grateful for the professionalism of my staff and the support of the families toward strengthening the work that we do each day. Though, the relationships that I’ve made with the children are paramount. I honestly cannot imagine my days without the small moments that I share with your kids. I love them all.

I foresee the coming months to be transitional for all of us. My current Supervisor, Assistant Superintendent Tony Payne, and I will be working with our teachers and community to ensure that a highly qualified candidate is chosen to serve as Glen Park’s next leader.

I know that we will miss each other greatly and I plan to approach the remainder of this year and my launch into the new-year with a clear eye on my new role and tasks while not losing site of my commitments at Glen Park. I expect to have regular communication with my Glen Park community members throughout the remainder of the school year to assist accordingly.

I’m comforted knowing that we have a stellar team of teachers at Glen Park with many who serve in leadership roles across the community. Our PTO, English Language Advisory Committees and African American Parent Leadership and Achievement Village Round Table are strong cohorts and committed to advocacy for all of our kids. Knowing that Susan Tramontana is directing the Big Blue Afterschool Team gives me peace. Glen Park School is in good shape and well poised to continue on with new leadership.

I ask that you continue to work hard together, support one another and remain focused on our strengths as a community. As I learn more of the details regarding the transition of leadership I will write again. In the meantime, I’m Principal until further notice and expect to be here in the New Year.

Much Love and Peace during the holiday season.

Most Sincerely,

Jean C. Robertson, Principal