Dear Wonderful Glen Park Community,

It's the end of the 17/18 school year, which is a good time to look back at the year we've come through and look forward to what is coming next.

So much has happened in the life of our community over the last year! Your child has no doubt grown a bit taller, maybe lost or gained some teeth, learned new skills in and out of the classroom, and prepared to transition to the next grade in school. Teachers have taught countless lessons, attended workshops and training, taken their students on adventures in nature and around town, and learned more about themselves and their students in the process.

There have also been some big changes, starting with Mrs. Robertson transitioning in February to Chief of Special Education and myself transitioning into the interim principal role. I am excited to be returning next year as principal, especially after devoting 17 years as a teacher at Glen Park.

The end of the year also brings new opportunities for teachers and other staff:

Ms. Meghan announced she has accepted a position at SF Day School for the coming year, a role she has pursued and is looking forward to. We knew at the start of the school year that this was most likely her last year as our garden teacher, but that doesn't make the goodbyes any easier! Ms. Meghan has been an integral part of our instructional program and community for three years and we will miss her. For next year, we have renewed our relationship with Education Outside and will have a garden educator placed at our school in time for the new year.

Mr. Blume announced today that he has been selected for a position he has long wanted in the SFUSD PE Department. This has been coming for several years, and though we wish he could stay with us forever, we are happy he is getting to move into a new role and bring his expertise to students and schools across the district. I will be working with the PE Department on our plans and staffing for next year.

Ms. Kayla is moving out of the area (as are several families), which is not surprising given the cost of housing in San Francisco! She has been a teacher, literacy specialist, and now special educator at Glen Park. Needless to say, she has contributed to the lives and educations of many of our students and she will be missed. I've started interviewing for a new RSP teacher to join the team in Room 20, but Ms. Kayla will be hard to replace.

There is a lot of change, but many things remain the same. Glen Park has good staff retention, as well as teachers and families that are from the city and neighborhood,  who have made this place their home. Long-time extended families send their children to Glen Park for the teaching and learning community that has been here for many years in the past, and will be for years to come. In fact, I found out this week that a child of one of my former students will be starting at Glen Park this fall! This is a first for me and means I'm officially an old-timer.

Coming back from sabbatical are Ms. Nakashima and Ms. Long. They can wave to Ms. Garcia as she goes out on her sabbatical for next year. Our 5th graders are off to middle school, and a whole new group of Kindergarten students will arrive in August. It's the cycle of the academic year.

Thank you for being part of this vibrant learning community,

Ms. Liz Zarr, Principal